Institute for Global Policy

The Institute for Global Policy (IGP) was founded in 1983 by four WFM leaders as the research and policy analysis arm of the World Federalist Movement. The  Institute is the primary education mechanism of WFM and seeks to promote better understanding of the UN and other international organizations. IGP was also conceived of as a framework for WFM to promote debate on key issues of global governance in the media and other matters requiring a more neutral platform. The Institute for Global Policy (IGP) is a research and policy institute dedicated to the promotion of human security, international justice, the prevention of armed conflict and the protection of civilians. Through an emphasis on the democratization of international and regional organizations and the development and global application of international law, the Institute works to find pragmatic and action-based solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

IGP’s work primarily involves:

  • Research
  • Publications
  • Policy and program development

NGO Working Group on the Security Council 

The NGO Working Group on the Security Council originated from a coalition of NGOs that came together in 1994 in response to efforts by the General Assembly to negotiate reform of the Security Council and came to exist in its present structure as a forum for dialogue between NGOs and Security Council Members in 1997. The Working Group seeks to maintain diverse representation of groups in the areas of human rights, humanitarian relief/development, peace promotion, and other policy areas and is composed of about 35 representatives from NGOs which include Amnesty International, Security Council Report, Oxfam International, and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court. Council ambassadors remain at the center of the Working Group's program.  Members find that the group is a unique and exceptionally valuable process of interaction and consultation.  After thirteen years and more than five hundred meetings, the process continues with renewed energy to address the great security issues of the day.   In 2013 WFM-IGP took over as the secretariat for the Working Group.


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