Ugandan World Federalists

Ugandan World Federalists (UWF) began as the Ugandan Youth Federal Alliance (1993) to promote federalism and constitutional democracy in both Uganda and Africa. Now, registered as a non-profit under the name African Federation Association World Federalists Movement of Uganda (AFA WFM Uganda), membership is open to all citizens of African Nations and of the world. Members believe that the key to reducing human rights abuses, maintaining peace, and bringing sustainable prosperity to the African continent depends on fighting corruption and promoting accountability and transparency amongst African nations. A democratic African Union is the first step in this process.

WFM Uganda is looking forward to supporting and implementing WFM projects in Africa, as well as working with any organisations in the world that promote culture, heritage, federalism, self-determination, good governance, world law and world peace.

Currently Ugandan World Federalists direct projects encompassing:

Pan-African Federalism
UWF/AFA WFM Uganda runs various campaigns, seminars, workshops and conferences to promote federalism and enlarge WFM membership throughout Africa. Specifically, it is working on a self-determination and federalism project for the Buganda Kingdom with Én Verden, global vote projects and Human Rights projects with WFBN (WFM Netherlands), and promotion of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly with KDUN (The Committee for a Democratic U.N.).

International Law and Justice
UWF/AFA WFM Uganda initiated a project campaign to promote the Coalition for the International Criminal Court in Africa by developing resources for victims, and organizing workshops to explain the benefits of the International Criminal Court in fostering world peace, defending human rights and promoting greater levels of human security.

Promoting Peace and Security
UWF/AFA WFM Uganda also believe that maintaining peace and security necessitates a greater level of transparency among nation-states, a more concerted campaign against political corruption, and a spreading of democratic ideals. In April 2008, the visit of WFM-IGP Executive Director to WFM Uganda offices in Uganda boosted support for the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) project in cooperation with the Uganda Parliament.

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