Pan-African Reconciliation Centre

The Pan-African Reconciliation Centre (PARC) began as the Pan-African Reconciliation Council in 1988. PARC is a grassroots community of people committed to the promotion of peace, human rights, social justice and passive resistance to all forms of violence and oppression. The Centre strives to achieve total emancipation of Africa and its siblings in the Diaspora from the bondages of ignorance, disease and wants through active nonviolence and self-giving love. By setting up information, research and communication programmes, PARC helps political authorities make the right decisions.

PARC seeks to mobilise public opinion and signature campaigns to eliminate threats to peace, not only in Africa, but throughout the world. Its 700 members include educational institutions, religious organisations and individuals in some twelve African countries and in Europe. The Centre's newsletter can be accessed electronically from their website.

Currently PARC projects focus on:

Educational Resources for International Peace
PARC sponsors capacity seminars, conferences, symposia, colloquia and other consultations designed to provide training in nonviolence, social justice, reconciliation, and peace education to people in conflict areas. Faith-oriented educational resources on the above subjects are provided as part of the PARC's interfaith activities. The Centre is also the focal organization for the Hague Appeal for Peace in the West African sub-region.

Mediating Social Conflicts
PARC conducts research and collects data on the causes of inter-communal conflicts. It plays a mediator role and provides early warning on conflicts within and amongst African communities. It also undertakes grassroots campaigns for peace, human rights, self-determination and self-reliance, and co-ordinates an international campaign to eliminate child abuse and discrimination against women. Relief materials and welfare services are also organized for displaced persons.

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