Young European Federalists

Young European Federalists (JEF) is a political youth movement active in most European countries, committed to achieving international democracy through the establishment of federal systems both in Europe and in the world. JEF believe the first step towards peace and world federation is in the creation of a European Federation, and that the challenges posed by increased interdependence can only be resolved through the adoption of democratic solutions at all levels of government, from the supranational to the sub-national level.

Young European Federalists has members in countries throughout Europe.

JEF's Current programs include:

Democracy at All Levels
JEF sees both the European Union and national governments as overly centralized, leading to a high level of political alienation among citizens who feel the decision-making process lacks both transparency and accountability. Members define a stronger European Union as one that is decentralized, democratic and accountable to the people. JEF hopes to reshape the current division of power among national and European institutions, allowing greater political participation and involvement by the people.

Increasing Political Awareness
“Give Europe a Face” was started in 2004 by JEF to increase awareness of the European parliamentary elections. The program encouraged young people to become proactive in the political process and to promote the adoption of the European constitution and European federalism. The 2002 campaign “Europe! A Generation Ahead” was formed in the same vein, promoting youth discussions on the draft European Constitution.

Promoting European Unity
Though consisting of a range of ethnic, religious and national identifications, the countries of Europe share a common cultural, economic and political background. JEF is committed to spreading the idea of “Europeanism” to a growing generation of youths throughout Europe. Europeanism teaches them to look past nationalistic, racist and xenophobic tendencies.

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