Wereld Federalisten Beweging Nederland

Wereld Federalisten Beweging Nederland (WFBN) is a small non-governmental organization dedicated to the study and promotion of European and world federalism.

WFBN has members in the Netherlands who are active writing, lecturing, and speaking on the radio. They are currently focusing on:

International Democracy
WFBN feels improvements to democracy are essential to improving security throughout the world. Members have published two books on this subject: Van Geweld Bevrij (Freed from Violence) and Naar een Cultuur van Vreded en Geweldloosheid (Towards a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence).

European Union
WFBN is concerned with the development of the European Union, ranging from the difficulties of creating a functional European Constitution to the practicalities of Euro-parliamentarians communicating in dozens of languages.

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