Komitee für eine demokratische UNO

Komitee für eine demokratische UNO, or The Committee for a Democratic U.N. (KDUN), is a non-governmental organization based in Germany whose main goal is the democratization of the United Nations system as the central pillar of global governance and international relations.

Founded in 2004, KDUN has a membership consisting of scholars, parliamentarians, personalities of public life, several NGOs and, among others, committed citizens. Their projects include:

Developing International Democracy
The Committee's current aim is to mobilize support from national parliaments, civil society, and the general public for a parliamentary body on world level; specifically, the creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). In September 2004, KDUN released a strategy report which presented a detailed analysis of the UNPA proposal, and on 23 April 2007 an international campaign was launched.

Strengthening the U.N.
Of urgent importance is no longer just the upgrading of standards, but rather the enhancement of institutions designed to enforce fundamental human rights. The members of KDUN therefore support the proposal to establish a permanent stand-by force consisting of internationally recruited volunteers under direct command of the United Nations.



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