Federal Union

Federal Union was founded in 1938 to campaign for federalism in the UK, Europe and the world. It is the UK section of the Union of European Federalists. Members argue that democracy and the rule of law should apply between states as well as within them. Federalism divides political power between levels of government to achieve the best combination of accountability and effectiveness.

Federal Union has members throughout the United Kingdom and hosts many meetings, most of which are held in London. The organization also has a youth branch called Young Federal Union. Federal Union publishes a newsletter quarterly.

Currently Federal Union works to promote:

European Constitution
The European Union originated from a recognition that there are issues too big for individual countries to solve on their own. European integration was seen as necessary to enable effective solutions to be applied to common problems. Much of the debate about the development of the EU has been around the need to make sure that European decision-making is democratic.

The euro is a big change, but it has become a much smaller one in the context of hyperactive international markets. Members of Federal Union continue to research the impact of the EURO since its introduction in 2000.

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