Democracia Global

Democracia Global (Global Democracy -Movement for a South American Union and a World Parliament) is an independent pluralist organization whose objective is to motivate support for global democracy by promoting the existence of democratic institutions in South America and in the world.

Democracia Global (DG) believes the institutions that govern a global democratic order must be constituted by peaceful means through a process of open debate in which all the citizens of the world and all the democratic organizations of civil society worldwide should be able to participate. As such, DG calls for supporters to join the effort to promote these principles and institutions.

Democracia Global advocates the following:

Creation of a South American Union
DG strives for the creation of a South American Union endowed with regional political and economic institutions, from a common market to a common currency, from a federal Constitution to a Parliament and a Court of Justice, which might realize the dreams of unity cherished by the liberators of its nations and their inhabitants’ aspirations of peace, development, democracy and social progress.

Democratization of International Institutions
DG supports the creation of global democratic institutions, starting with a World Parliament elected directly by the people, which must be capable of legislating in favor of the common interests of humanity, of protecting and generating global common goods, of promoting the universal validity of human rights and of institutionalizing a world citizenship, as a rational complement to national citizenship, based on a profound sense of belonging to the universal human community.

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