WFM-IGP Press Release: Shameful revocation of ICC Prosecutor’s US visa

For Immediate Release

5 April 2019


Members States should protest the revocation of ICC Prosecutor’s US visa

New York - States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) must send diplomatic letters of protest to the US government regarding its revocation of Fatou Bensouda’s entry visa to the US, said the World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP). 

Fatou Bensouda is the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, a post she has held since 2012.

This development follows the announcement by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on March 15 that the US will revoke or deny visas to ICC personnel investigating allegations of torture and other war crimes committed in the conflict in Afghanistan. 

“The US government’s hostile policy towards the ICC is a serious threat to humanity’s efforts to combat those who commit genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity (including torture) and the crime of aggression”, said Dr. Tawanda Hondora, the Executive Director of WFM-IGP.

“Revoking Bensouda’s visa in retaliation for her office’s investigation of allegations of serious crimes committed in Afghanistan is an abhorrent and chilling abuse of power”, said Hondora.

States Parties to the Rome Statute should object to the targeting by this US administration of ICC prosecutors and judges in the self-serving attack against the independence and integrity of the Court.

“ICC Members States must also adopt a clear policy in response to this outrageous act to protect the ideals of those who said we should Never Again allow heinous crimes to be committed against the vulnerable and weak.”

The United Nations General Assembly should also initiate an urgent debate on and push for a resolution condemning this and other efforts by the US administration to weaken and undermine multilateral institutions created to spare humanity the horrors witnessed in WWII.

The European Union should also debate and adopt clear policies to protect the integrity of this most venerable institution.

“These are dark times in which the negative and self-absorbed policies of a few will cause the world to sit idly by if another Rwanda, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, DRC, Sudan and Syria happens”, said Hondora.

Nation States must come together to block policies that are a serious threat to the maintenance of a robust rules-based international legal order and to the integrity and effectiveness of important global institutions.


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