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Walter F. Hoffmann (1924- 2014), By Mike Kronisch

(Originally published in the blog on January 8, 2015)

As 2014 drew to a close, we said goodbye to a beloved global citizen. Walter F. Hoffmann, prominent civil rights attorney and tireless advocate for world peace, died at age 90 on Wednesday, December 31. 

The major powers must unite behind the UN

UN Photo: Jeroen Bouman

The International Court of Justice at The Hague, Netherlands in 2005.

The failure of the major powers to overcome their narrow, short-term interests has crippled the UN’s ability to enforce the peace and security of the world.


Ukraine, A Non-violent Resistance

By WFM President, Dr. Lloyd Axworthy


Several days after returning from an international observer mission to Ukraine — sponsored by NDI (National Democratic Institute) — I latched on to the flood tide of news and commentary coming from that besieged country. A revelation slowly began to take shape: Ukrainians were in their own, distinct way using the principle of non-violent resistance to contend with Putin’s muscle-flexing and efforts to manufacture a pretext for moving his tanks across the border.

New Governance Needed for a New Year

Credit: UN Photo/Isaac Billy

By Lloyd Axworthy 



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