WFM-IGP staff

The International Secretariat (IS) serves as the Secretariat for three programs including The Coalition for the International Criminal Court, The International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, and The International Democratic Governance Program. It is the administrative and coordinating body of WFM-IGP and the global network of Member and Associated Organizations.

Led by Executive Director, William Pace, these programs are strengthened and enhanced by the participation and support of the WFM-IGP Member and Associated Organizations. The IS helps coordinate these programs and disseminates information to our members around the world.

Finance and Administration

Hugo Strikker, Finance and Administration Manager (The Hague)

Lesley Hsu, Programs and Membership Coordinator (New York)

Tessa Bakx, Program Assistant (The Hague)

Sarkar Keya, Finance Associate (New York)

Garlo Aridou, Finance Associate (New York)


Meenakshi Menon, Director of Development (New York) 

Brianna Burt, Development Officer (New York) 

Emma Steuer, Development Associate (New York)


Niall Matthews, Head of Communications (The Hague) 

Agustina Bidart, Spanish Communications Officer (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Fortune Houndefa, Communications Assistant (Cotonou, Benin)

Spencer Lanning, IT Manager

Coalition for the International Criminal Court Program

Kirsten Meersschaert Duchens, Director of Programs and Head of Office (The Hague) 

Alix Vuillemin Grendel, Senior Legal Officer (The Hague) 

Clément Capo-Chichi, Africa Regional Coordinator (Cotonou, Benin) 

Molade Babatunde, Program Assistant (Cotonou, Benin) 

Michelle Reyes Milk, Americas Regional Coordinator (Lima, Peru) 

Fabiana Nuñez del Prado, Americas Fellow (Lima, Peru)

Amielle Del Rosario, Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator (Bangkok, Thailand) 

Virginie Amato, Europe Regional Coordinator (Brussels, Belgium) 


International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect Program

Megan Schmidt, Senior Program Officer (New York) 

Angela Patnode, Communications and Advocacy Officer (New York) 

Sapna Chhatpar Considine, Senior Adviser

International Democratic Governance Program

Justine Brouillaud, Program Officer (New York) 

Abagail Lawson, Research Officer, Coordinator of NGOWG/SC (New York) 

Alexandra Maresca, Program Associate (New York) 



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Phone: +1212 599-1320
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The Hague
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2594 AC, The Hague
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 70 363-4484
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