WFM-IGP Executive Committee

The Council of WFM elects the Executive Committee (EC) to monitor and
oversee the activities of the Movement. The EC generally meets four times a
year to approve budgets, monitor programs and oversee activities.

Chair: Keith Best - Federal Union 

Treasurer: Bente Nielsen - FN Forbundet

Council Chair: Fernando Iglesias - Democracia Global

Chair of CNSC: Kjartan Almenning - En Verden

Chair of PRC: Fergus Watt - World Federalist Movement-Canada

WFM Secretary: Karen Hamilton - World Federalist Movement-Canada

Executive Committee at large elected:
Joan Marc Simon - World Democratic Governance project association (WDGpa)
Becky Luff -  Federal Union
W. James Arputharaj - South Asian Federalists

Coopted Executive Committee Members:
Don Kraus - Citizens for Global Solutions
James Christie - World Federalist Movement-Canada

WFM Executive Director: William R. Pace - International Secretariat


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The Netherlands
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